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It is an independent and impartial process over which parties come to an agreement with in the frame of Law No.6325 on Mediation in Legal Disputes and in which the resolution through negotiation is attempted for disputes in the presence of a third party registered to the Ministry of Justice mediator list.

The resolution of the dispute is possible through active participation and methods of mediation either outside of court or during court proceedings.

The mediation process that works to resolve the dispute quickly and economically is more flexible than litigation process. The parties can come to an agreement within the frame of special resolutions and constructive results because they aren’t subject to procedures that are required in trial. While the court will only be able to give one verdict (rejection or acceptance), mediation presents more flexible resolution options that can ensure the satisfaction of all parties.

The information and documents that the parties prepare and present in the mediation process are subject to strict confidentiality for all participants. Just as it cannot be submitted as evidence in possible court proceedings in the future, the parties cannot ask the mediator to testify. By this means, parties can explain their ideas without hesitation, looking for a joint solution.

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